Boys scout troop 164
We need more Boys in 6 grade to join Boy Scout Troop 164. We are a small but very active troop and we like new kids. Our current scouts range from 8th grade-12th grade and attend Quaker Valley, Moon. We meet every Thursday at 7 P.M. at St. Stephen's Church in Sewickley Pa (excluding the first week of each month). you can call to join us go on are Facebook page go to www.facebook.com/boyscouttroop164 we keep it updated and Come down to the meeting to talk to us ask someone at the Church. Thank you for reading this pass its to your friend plz 
1SITE: http://boysscouttroop164.blogspot.com/ 2SITE: http://boysscouttroop164.webs.com Phone Number: 412-259-3824 anytime we will get back to you    Where We Have Meeting: St. Stephen's Church in Sewickley Pa What Day: We meet every Thursday at 7 P.M. (excluding the first week of each month).  Twitter: @boy_164 or @boytroop164 come follower us chat i will be here
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