Watch: Seneca Valley Students Have a Message for the President

Speaking on behalf of their generation, two intermediate high school students were finalists in the national competition.

President Barack Obama’s inauguration was Monday and two Seneca Valley students have some advice for the nation’s leader during his next four years in office.

Madison Sloat and Teresa Leatherow, both students at the intermediate high school, were among the top eight finalists in a competition sponsored by Rocket21.com called "Dream Big for the President.”

For the contest, interested students pretended the president had asked them “to speak on behalf of their generation, describing their hopes, dreams, [and] concerns” in an essay, drawing, photograph or a videotaped speech. The top two finalists were invited to attend the inauguration in Washington, D.C.

Madison and Teresa both delivered impassioned speeches in which they expressed how fortunate they feel to live in the United States. They also detailed why they remain hopeful for America’s future, a statement from Seneca Valley said.

According to Madison and Teresa, politicians need to put aside partisan differences and work together to tackle difficult issues in America. 

“We as a people of this nation have become so caught up on what makes us different we’ve forgotten to look at each other and see all the things that make us equal, that bring us together,” Madison said in her video. “Our strength should be what bonds us.”

As finalists in this competition, each of the girls will receive inaugural gifts, including a specially designed sweatshirt.

Click on the above videos to watch Madison’s plea to the president and to listen audio of Teresa's speech to the commander in chief.

What advice would you give to the president? Tell us in the comment section below.

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