Seneca Valley Cancels Two-Hour Delay for Wednesday

Students will report to school at the regular time.

Seneca Valley students will be back in the classrooms at the regular time tomorrow.

On Tuesday, the district canceled the two-hour delay put in place for Wednesday, Oct. 21.

Seneca Valley had canceled Tuesday’s classes and instituted Wednesday’s delay because of concerns over the effects of Superstorm Sandy in the area.

However, after spending Tuesday assessing the district’s nine facilities—and resolving some storm-related issues—officials decided to rescind Wednesday’s delay.

“Fortunately, the impact of the Super Storm wasn’t as severe as predicted, and we feel prepared to operate tomorrow on a regular schedule,” an announcement on the district website said.

Wednesday. Oct. 31 will run on a regular schedule, according to the district.

“Thank you to all for your cooperation and understanding in the face of Mother Nature’s unpredictable disposition,” the announcement said.

Are you pleased students will be back in school at the regular time Wednesday? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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