Nation Debates Controversial Common Core Standards

Read Patch coverage from all over the country and tell us, what do you think about Common Core?
Patriotmom March 25, 2014 at 08:30 AM
K. I agree with you in appreciating the Patch for sharing these articles from around the country on Common Core & the pushback against it. However, while you are correct that MA does have some of the top public schools (or at least did have under their state standards), it is not true that they are not accepting Common Core. They were one of the states that went agreed to use Common Core by signing a contract with the federal government in applying for Race to the Top money. They ended up giving up their world class & time tested standards for inferior untested ones. Very sad indeed. For those in PA who want to learn more about Common Core in PA check out the Facebook page Pennsylvanians Against Common Core and the webpage: www.nopacommoncore.com
Kaos8 March 25, 2014 at 12:00 PM
OK, so I have read a bunch of these articles to get a better idea of this Common Core curriculum, I did not understand it, since I do not have kids in school yet. I agree with getting kids to think better and smarter. Many of these ideals, of participating, ask questions, use common sense (think before you talk or act), etc- where instilled in me in school. I was in honors/excellerated classes my whole life- I was good at math, science, and arts/music and sports without having to work real hard at it- hence me being put in Honor/excellerated classes to "push " me more. My sister- is really smart as well, however- she REALLY had to work at it- she is currently an Art Teacher and really excells at the arts (as runs in my family- some members are very well established artists, where my father's side is more into science/math and have really excelled in their fields). I feel that if you lump all these kids into the same curriculum - someone is going to suffer. You cannot treat or even teach students the same way. Not everyone is capable of learning in the same manner. Some kids are art/music oriented and some are Math/Science oriented (it completely is a left brain/right brain thing)- therefore you must be able to allow them to get to their best potential in the best way that they learn. This standardized testing sounds to me that any way you cut it, some of these kids are going to get left behind. THe one article I read was about teaching kids to think differently, ask questions, respect, etc..that is great- but when I was growing up that is stuff that teachers were already teaching and also instilled at home in the family environment. If I am still not understanding this correctly maybe someone can explain it to me a little better.
Country1st March 25, 2014 at 12:28 PM
As of 11/13, MA hadn't adopted it -- but you're right -- I just checked it and they've adopted it. And thanks for the website -- I"ll check it out. The point is -- this is a new curriculum -- it's not financed -- and if they want to be fair, they should start requiring the kids who are in kindergarten to be able to pass it by the time they graduate, not the class of 2017.
Country1st March 25, 2014 at 12:30 PM
Here's a good sign: http://time.com/36779/indiana-drops-common-core-education-standards/ This is a very big deal -- hopefully, PA will follow suit


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