Mock Presidential Election: Who Did Haine Middle School Students Vote For?

If it were up to these sixth-graders, Romney would have won the vote Tuesday.

Republican Mitt Romney has been declared the next President of the United States—at least he has at Haine Middle School.

On Tuesday, sixth-grade students conducted a mock election. Using their own version of the Electoral College System, which they learned about in class leading up to Election Day, they chose Romney as the nation’s leader.

In real life Nov. 6, President Barack Obama defeated Romney.

But sixth-graders didn’t know that early Tuesday as they threw their support behind either the Democratic or Republican contender.

Based on population, each of the 14 sixth-grade classrooms were given a “state” and a certain number of electoral votes after students voted in the popular election. On stage during an assembly Tuesday, those electors were represented by sixth-graders wearing red for Romney and blue for Obama.

According to results from the popular vote, Romney defeated Obama 207-159. In the electoral vote, Romney had 64 votes to Obama’s 15.

Jeremiah Friday, who helped organize the mock elections with fellow social studies teachers Julie Mann, Ali Wallace, Tim Cammisa, and Nick DeSanzo, said the purpose of Tuesday’s event was to give students a better understanding of the how the electoral college system works.

“I think they really liked it,” he said.  

Ryan Moffett, 11, who said he voted for Romney, agreed he enjoyed participating in the activity.

“I like we could actually vote because we’re not old enough yet,” he said.

Already passionate about politics at age 12, Casey Becker rattled off a list of reasons why he voted for Romney in Tuesday’s mock election, including lowering taxes and increasing military spending.

“They made it seem very realistic,” he said of Tuesday’s mock election. “They didn’t keep anything from us.”

What do you think of the students’ choice in the mock election? And how well do you know the Electoral College System? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Joe E. Hudson November 09, 2012 at 02:41 AM
Everyone just don't like a president who believes marriage is between Frank and Tom, or Mary and Marge. That is not the way God set it up, but man has corrected that. Also God did not like the way babies were sacrificed in the Bible. Man has corrected that too. God said there would be no liars in Heaven. I didn't say that Mr. Obama, God did. None of my family voted for Obama and none of my family Boo'd Almighty God. Joee
Art Wegweiser November 09, 2012 at 04:46 PM
Matt: And of course Fox only carries the ultimate truth even if they denied the result for hours after it was determined - even without the lovely folks in Florida who are still messing around to find a result. - No Supreme Court majority iiving in the 18th Century available this time. I would suggest you tell your children to examine the constantly changing political statements of ex governor Romney and see for themselves what is honest. And do point out that even huge sums of money, from anonymous donors, did not buy this election. Finally, do get them copies of the Wit and Wisdom of Ayn Rand and see how they might react. P.S. Do see what "small" government is doing for people in NY and NJ without "good job Brownie" to direct FEMA.
Art Wegweiser November 09, 2012 at 05:03 PM
And, of course "Socialist" subsidies for big pharma, big oll/gas, big ag who are all raking in enormous profits. You want a sustainable future for your kids? Then start with the insanity of the "Citizens United" decision which turns them over the "corporations are people" - unless they get to be high executives with huge compensations, of course. Then like ex governor Romney's Bain Capital, can demolish going companies and ship a few thousand jobs abroad.
Matt Dragovits November 09, 2012 at 05:12 PM
@ Art - I trust Fox a lot more than the other networks but I don't take their word as the Gospel truth. I do my own research and listen to Obama's own words. He puts enough of it out in the open on his own. Fox is much better than the liberal whack jobs on the other networks that actually said Hurricane Sandy was a good thing since it helped keep Obama in office. Their true colors are showing for all the world to see. Blind devotion to their "anointed one" even when the cost is human lives. Their comments make me sick. Are you honestly trying to say that FEMA is doing a good job right now? Are you saying that with a straight face? I imagine there are millions of people on the East Coast that would strongly disagree with you. Your admiration for the federal response to this disaster is incomprehensible. Obama had donations coming in from fictitious people so don't get me started on campaign contributions or voter intimidation. At least Romney's people were real US citizens. However, I do agree that we need a better method for campaigns in general. Obama and Romney spent nearly 2 billion dollars this time around and things are nearly identical to where they were before the election. Obama won this election by smearing his opponent. He did not win by putting forth a game plan or new ideas. He used scare tactics, libel, and slander and had the major news networks help him in his cause. We can expect four more years of failed policies based on keynesian economics.
Matt Dragovits November 09, 2012 at 05:19 PM
Those subsidies go to the small start up pharmas who are developing new medicines that may ultimately save lives. It also goes to smaller oil and gas groups in the midwest. The money they receive comes nowhere near the enormous amount of money Obama doled out to green energy companies that went bankrupt within a year. You can demonize corporate success and wealth all you want. If we took every red cent from the top 5% of our society. (who bring in most of the income) it would not fund our government for more than a few months. Liberals fail to recognize that the only way out of the national debt is to get the economy fired up across the country and reap the large scale results of millions of people working and millions of people not collecting unemployment. Your tunnel vision of jealousy for those who have prevents you from recognizing this simple fact. You see wealth as a single pie and you want the big slice that someone else has. You fail to realize that the US has enough ingredients for everyone to bake their own pies and have success of their own. You don't need to rob Peter to pay Paul. You can earn the money on your own if you are willing to do the work. Our parents and grandparents knew this, but somehow it was not passed on to the current generation. More is the pity.


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