Haine Elementary Presents ‘A Night at The Museum’

After weeks of research, third-grades students portrayed historical figures in a real life "wax museum."

Historical figures from Gandi to Christina Aguilera came to life Thursday as third-grade students at Haine Elementary School presented their annual “Night the Museum.”

“They love it,” said third-grade teacher Susie Landry. “There’s a lot of preparation and a lot of research that goes into it.”

Impersonating wax figures, the student stood in place in the cafeteria, gym and the library as their families milled around the school. When someone hit their “speak button,” the students would spring to life to give information about their character.

Although she played Charles Lindbergh, Lauren Polk said she has no interest in flying across the ocean when she grows up. Instead, she wants to be a marine biologist.

“It’s like being on stage,” she said of donning her white scarf and goggles to play the famous pilot.

Cole Mrkonja, who wore a fedora and a mustache to play Orville Wright, said he studied his character for about a month. With that kind of preparation, he wasn’t nervous at all to perform for the crowd.

“I like dressing up and saying my speech,” he said.

His fellow students were similarly well-versed. Prior to Thursday’s museum night, the students wrote reports on their characters, researched their famous quotes and put together timelines of their characters lives, said teacher Denise Harlan.

She added her students, who all played scientists and inventors, were enthusiastic about the project.

“They started calling each other by their pretend names,” she said.

Besides scientists and inventors, the students—depending on their classrooms—also were divided into “Presidents and First Ladies,” “Explorers and Pioneers,” “Leaders and Newsmakers,” “Great Artists, Entertainers and Writers” and “Famous Pennsylvanians.”

Some of the famous folk on display—and portrayed by the students—included Florence Nightingale, Mario Lemieux, Daniel Boone and Kate Middleton.


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