And the Winner of the Fish Fry Poll is…

It was a tough choice between St. Kilian and St. Gregory.

After a lot of voting—and some great comments—we’d like to congratulate St. Kilian Parish for being named the winner of

St. Kilian’s, which is located on Route 228 and Franklin Road in Cranberry, is the Readers’ Choice based on the number of votes and comments the church received for its annual fish fry.

We’re also giving special recognition because of the numerous positive comments the church received for its popular fish fry.

A total 600 people voted in the poll. Of that, St. Kilian’s received 318 votes.received 134 votes and St. Gregory followed close behind with 125 votes.

The St. Kilian Fish Fry is offered from 4 to 8 p.m. every Friday through March 30 in the Catholic school’s cafeteria. Some of the food options include hand-breaded fried cod, fish sandwich, baked cod or fried shrimp. There also are yummy sides, including pierogies, french fries and tomato florentine soup.

Reader MK described the St. Kilian fish fry as "a whale of a fish for a great price." She also said it was a good place to bring your family because the church offers plain pizza for kids (and parents) who may not like fish.

St. Gregory also offers a good time for all. The church holds its fish from from 4 to 7 p.m. every Friday through March 30 at the Catholic school. The church offers a fried 8 oz. cod or a 6 oz. baked cod, fried fish sandwich or fried shrimp. There’s also pizza and a smaller-sized fish dinners for the little ones.

Here’s what a few readers had to say about the fish fry at St. Gregory:

  • Debra Allen: “St. Gregory has a great selection of choices for a great price. I'm not a fish eater, but I look forward to the St. Greg fish every Friday - it's delicious!”
  • Andy Harmer: “St. Gregory is a great value, with great service and a great menu. The cole slaw alone is worth the trip!”
  • Rita McConnell: “Love St. Greg’s fish fry. They even offer pizza for my non-fish eating kids. Good value and homemade dessert included.”

For a more information on where you can catch Friday’s dinner, check out our Cranberry-Area Fish Fry Guide by

Thank you to everyone who voted in our poll. We’ll we back on Monday with another Readers’ Choice question—this one on your favorite place to go in the area for St. Patrick’s Day!


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