What's In a Name?

I'm struggling with my identity as a 'Burgher—how did you decide to be one?

I have a question for all of you who are not originally from Pittsburgh—how did you know when to consider yourself a Pittsburgher and not just someone from fill-in-the-blank who lives here now?

I’ve been here six months, almost seven, and I can’t even believe it as I’m writing it right now. I really enjoy living here a lot. I will admit it was a difficult transition at first, but I can see myself staying here for a while for many reasons.

And although I call this home now, I don’t know if I feel comfortable calling myself a Pittsburgher yet. I’m trying to remember at what point living in San Diego I started to consider myself a San Diegan and I can’t.

What is it that makes you feel like a new place is home? Is it friends, family, work, all of the above?

I mean, I feel much more assimilated than I did even three months ago. I have family here and a job, but I don’t know if it’s become my city yet.

A lot of times we set arbitrary deadlines for ourselves like “I have to be married by 30” or “I have to move to New York by 25” and so many others. So even though I didn’t set a deadline for anything, six months feels like an amount of time where in the back of my mind I think I should have a certain life here and feel like this is home.

It does feel like home, but when I return to San Diego in six weeks for a wedding, am I ready to tell everyone that I’m a full-fledged Pittsburgher now? I don’t know. Do you?

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Pierre June 28, 2012 at 01:11 PM
Sarah I'm a transplant too and being a Realtor I have this question posed to me quite often. Here's my 3 step criteria: 1. 75% of your wardrobe is black and gold 2. Primantis cheese steaks, Iron city beer and Pierogies are 3 major food groups 3. You use the word “yinz” as a personal pronoun and Pittsburgh as “Pixburgh”
Jessica Sinichak June 28, 2012 at 01:47 PM
Good one, Pierre! Sarah, you can also start telling people you need to "red up" the house and "warsh" your clothes. Anyone else have more fun Pittsburghese for Sarah?


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