Hunting Games

I've never seen anyone wear camouflage ... for real.

Southern Californians don’t hunt much.

That very well may be because there isn't much to hunt where I’m from, nor is there an open space big enough to shoot at anything—and I’ve heard shooting in the San Diego Zoo is frowned upon.

I can’t say I have any particular feelings one way or the other about hunting. I don’t think I could pull a trigger and kill Bambi’s mom, although I do love playing Cabela’s Big Game Hunter on my Wii.

In fact, I played it so much one weekend that when I recently saw a pair of geese flying over me and honking, my first instinct was to shoot them out of the sky. I had to take a break from the game though after my nephew went in and beat all of my high scores.

The only time I’ve ever seen people walking around wearing camouflage gear is as a fashion statement. Truly, I can’t think of any time I’ve met someone who described themselves as a hunter.

So, it’s weird to me that now that, when I go to the grocery store, I see entire families wearing camo garb. Only this time, it’s to hide in the wilderness and live out my video game experience.

Combine that with my time spent at the giant Cabela’s in Wheeling, W. Va last weekend and I have to assume hunting is a way bigger deal out here.

I don’t know if this is because I’m a female or a San Diegan, but I don’t know where to begin when I see rows and rows of tents, fishing rods and hunting guns. Men: You know how you feel when you go into a cosmetic store? It’s that kind of feeling.

I did love seeing the endless displays of taxidermy animals, though. I took way too many pictures and viewing some of those animals up close was amazing. Also, I totally kicked butt in the shooting gallery. It does make me curious, but I’m not ready for anything like real hunting.

For me, I think it’s best if I stick to the Wii and good old Duck Hunt.

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