What is Your Cranberry Area Neighborhood's Median Income?

'Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks' Map is color-coded to show you the median income for your neighborhood.

An interactive map at the Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks website offers a glimpse at median household incomes, by neighborhoods, in the Cranberry, Adams and Zelienople area—or anywhere in the country.

Take, for instance, the areas around North Boundary Park in Cranberry. The median income is $121,935. Closer to Graham Park, the median income is $84,583 while the median income in the area between Rochester Road and Freedom Road is $62,647.

The numbers are compiled by census tract. The tract that includes most of Zelienople is $48,384. The majority of the tract containing Adams Township shows the median income is $110, 363. 

In comparison, the statewide middle-class income range is $44,750 and $54,425. The information for the map is obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2007-2011 American Community Survey.

The author of the Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks map is name is Christopher Persaud, an editorial research specialist with Bankrate.com.

To see what your neighborhood's median income is, click here for the "Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks" map

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