Patch Primary Election Guide 2012: Here's Where to Go

Learn more about the candidates and find your polling location with Patch.

If you woke with a sense of purpose this morning, that’s a good thing.

Today is the primary election, and we at Cranberry Patch are reminding you to get out to the polls.

Your vote will determine who advances to the general election in the fall. More voters are likely to turn out when it’s a presidential election year, but there are plenty of local reasons to exercise your right to vote, namely the state House race.

Review the Cranberry Patch 2012 Election coverage to get the scoop on incumbent , R-Cranberry, and write-in candidate, principal at in the . Both are running to represent the 12th District.

Rep. Dick Stevenson, R-Grove City, who——represents Zelienople, Harmony and Jackson townships, is running unopposed on the Republican ballot to represent the 8th District. No Democrats have entered the race.

U.S. Rep Mike Kelly, R-Butler, is running unopposed on the Republican ballot to represent the 3rd Congressional District. Barring a write-in campaign, he will meet Democratic contender Missa Eaton, a newcomer from Mercer County, in the General Election.

An assistant professor of psychology at Penn State Shenango, Eaton is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination.

Of course, Patch will have coverage of the primary throughout the day. Keep checking back with us for election updates.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, and voters must be registered with a political party to vote in the primary. To check if you are registered or for other information, go to the Butler County Elections Bureau website

The doesn't apply until November, but to prepare voters, officials at each polling place will be asking for a photo identification card.

While you don't have to produce one Tuesday, keep in mind that in the general election, having a photo ID won't be optional. 

Polling Locations (For a street-by-street directory of voting precincts for Cranberry, click on the PDF on the right side of this article)

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP VOTING DISTRICTS POLL LOCATIONS ADDRESS Cranberry East I 20727 Route 19 Cranberry East II 8070 Rowan Road Cranberry East III 2525 Rochester Road Cranberry West I Course 5601 Freshcorn Road Cranberry West II 2525 Rochester Road Cranberry West III Christ Baptist Church 2721 Rochester Road Cranberry West IV 1629 Haines School Road Cranberry West V 2525 Rochester Road Cranberry West VI 2771 Rochester Road Zelienople Voting Districts Poll Locations Address Zelienople I Maple Court (Community Room)

214 S. High Street

Zelienople II 615 W. Beaver Street Zelienople III 215 N. Main Street Harmony Voting District Poll Location Address Harmony l 218 Mercer Street Evans City Voting District Poll Location Address Evans City President Square                    200 Jefferson Street Seven Fields Voting District Poll Location Address Seven Fields Community Center                            380 Castle Creek Drive


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