Improvements Ahead: Work Begins on Route 228 Ramp Project in Cranberry

The new ramps are expected to increase traffic flow in the area.

Motorists on Route 228 will be viewing lots of orange cones in the area—at least for the next two years.

Work began this week on new northbound and southbound on-ramps leading from Route 228 to Interstate 79 that should alleviate traffic in the area.

The $14.78 PennDOT project will eliminate two turning movements from Route 228 to I-79, improving access for motorists. The project involves the construction of a new northbound on-ramp, a new southbound loop ramp and the reconstruction of the southbound off-ramp at the interchange of I-79 and Route 228.

Currently, westbound drivers on Route 228 who want to get on I-79 must turn left across oncoming traffic to get onto the interstate’s onramps. While they’re making those lefts, the through traffic on 228 is held back waiting—resulting in a traffic tangle.

By adding the new ramps, the hope is there will be more green time for drivers.

Excavation work currently is taking place off the shoulder of Route 228. The work is not expected to impact travelers at this time, according to PennDOT spokeswoman Debora Casadei.

Swank Construction Company of New Kensington is performing the work. The project is expected to be complete by October 2014.

In a partnership between the township and private developers, triple left-turn lanes also were added leading out of the Cranberry Woods business park onto Route 228 earlier this year. While the lanes are built, Jason Kratsas, the township’s director of engineering, said they would not be fully operational until the ramps project is complete.

The road updates all are part of Cranberry’s master plan for the Route 228 corridor. The hope is the improvements will reduce travel times, improve safety and enable continuing economic development along Cranberry’s “Innovation Corridor.”

For more information about the work ahead for Route 228, visit the township’s corridor improvements page by clicking here.

What do you think about the road improvements? Are you hopeful it will alleviate traffic in the area? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Steve December 07, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Better planning when all the work for the turnpike connector was installed would have prevented the need for this.
James W. Wood December 07, 2012 at 11:30 PM
Freedom Road the Poster child of poor planing in Cranberry Township. When will the Township do something about this dangerous road that carries most all of the traffic from Beaver County to Rt 228. Accidents almost every day on Freedom Road and no end in sight. The over load of traffic as the Township Supervisors continuing to build out Rt 228. Cranberry Township to have a population of almost 60,000 by the time it is totally built out. Sept. 2008 Township planner John Trant Jr. said Cranberry remains committed to increasing capacity on Freedom Road. "The road is more that 230 percent over capacity," he said. Now it is Dec. 2012 and the problem is only getting worse as the Township supervisors continue to build out Rt 228 and bring more of the traffic via Freedom Road. A road that they admit is 230 percent over capacity. With all the money spent on Rt 228 I wonder how many bridges could have been built over the Pa turnpike to alleviate the traffic congestion on Freedom Road to make it safer for our citizens to travel on. Cranberry Township Manager Jerry Andree has been quoted to say Cranberry Township “It’s a great place to live,” but I would have to say Freedom Road is not a "Great Road to travel on ". It is like traveling into the Bermuda triangle you never know if you will get to where you are going.


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