Cranberry Officials Bump Up Township Manager’s Salary

Supervisor Dave Root votes against the 1.95-percent pay increase.

In a 4-1 vote, on Thursday authorized a 1.95-percent salary increase for township manager Jerry Andree.

Andree’s salary will increase from $129,561 to $132,088 in 2012.

Supervisor Dave Root voted against the pay raise, citing his stance against increasing taxes in 2012 as his reason for opposing the uptick in salary. In December, t that included a 2.35-mill increase in real estate taxes.

He also signed paperwork to forgo the $4,000 yearly stipend he received as a supervisor. In the past, he has donated the money to charity.

“The nice news is it’s revenue neutral for us because I gave up my stipend,” he said of the bump in Andree’s salary.

Supervisor Bruce Mazzoni said he supported the increase for Andree. Compared to what managers in surrounding communities make annually, he said, Andree is underpaid.

“I think it’s important to retain Jerry in this position. He proves a great value to it,” he said. ‘We wish we could give him more, but — as Dave pointed out — we want to be conservative.”  

Hired in 1992, Andree has been township manager for more than 20 years. Officials reappointed him to a new two-year term earlier this month.

Supervisor Dick Hadley joined vice-chairman Mike Manipole in praising Andree for his dedication to his job. Manipole even joked that Andree was so busy watching over the township that he skips sleep.

“I’ve never seen anyone who spends the time that you have or with the passion that you have for what you do,” he said to Andree. 

Earl Grubbs January 27, 2012 at 07:49 PM
On one end of the spectrum the citizens of CT are fortunate fo have a fiscally conservative supervisor who selflessly relinquished his annual stipend of $4125 to help defray a portion of the $400K tax shortfall experience by CT and once again he stood firm in his vote against raising the township manager's salary to $132,088. On the other hand we have 4 tax and spend oriented supervisors who continue to reward a management system who has expanded the CT budget well beyond its financial means. While I personally believe in financial reward incentives for personnel who have faithfully performed at the highest plateau of competence, it is counterintuitive and counterproductive to increase management staff salaries while citizens are being ask to sacrifice via tax increases. The CT citizens can ill afford to reward its governmental leadership with salary increases when that same leadership does not have a sterling record of financial stewardship management. It is a sad commentary that 4 of the 5 supervisors continue to reward and approve of financial inefficiencies thus causing a majority of the budget shortfall we are currently experiencing. Sadly, this modus operandi will continue to remain in play as long as some of the current Board of Supervisors are focused on the chest thumping fluff and show versus real financial management leadership.


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