Ross Police Continue to Gather Evidence in McKnight Road Dragging Incident

A witness said she saw the victim, a man in his 20's, dragged a quarter of a mile.

An unidentified man dragged through afternoon rush hour traffic on McKnight Road Wednesday remains in the hospital, as continue to interview witnesses and seek surveillance video.

Police have good information that the incident between the victim and two white men in possibly a dark green SUV began around 5:30 p.m. in the  parking lot and somehow the victim became entangled with the vehicle just down the road, KDKA-TV reported.

A woman, who did not want to be identified was on a cell phone to her husband while she was stopped at the light on Patrick Place at the entrance to Ross Park Mall.

“And I noticed there was a black SUV, and there was an individual who was going around front making motions to the people inside the car trying to get them to talk to him,” she told KDKA TV.

She said she could not see what was upsetting the man, who had gotten out of his tan truck and was standing his ground when the light turned green.

“I noticed as the black car pulled away there were some legs flailing alongside of it,” the woman told KDKA-TV.

Hanging on to the passenger-side door of the SUV, the man was dragged a quarter-of-a-mile.

A clerk at the Mattress World, who declined to be identified, saw the man fall from the vehicle, which he said showed no signs of slowing down. 

"The SUV was going the speed limit or faster, it's not something you expect to see on McKnight Road," he said. 

“He was very banged up," the clerk said. "He was bleeding from his mouth, and he had a head injury and he was banged up, he was scuffed up, you know his arms and his legs.” 

The clerk said the car dragging the man appeared to be a grey or black Pontiac Aztec.

“We do have multiple witnesses,” Sgt. Benjamin Dripps of the Ross Township Police Department told KDKA-TV.

Detectives are interviewing and re-interviewing those witnesses. They’ve also collected good surveillance footage from businesses and traffic cameras.

The victim, suffering multiple facial fractures, remains in Allegheny General Hospital, KDKA-TV reported.

If you witnessed this incident, or have any information, you are asked to call Ross police at 412-931-9070.


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