Power Surge Causes Smoke, Shuts Down Landmark Building

A bird knocks down a power line to the doctors’ offices Monday morning.

The doctor offices inside the Two Landmark North on Route 19 in Cranberry were evacuated Monday morning after a bird flew into a power line connected to the building, causing a power surge that filled the building with smoke.

Mark Nanna, fire administrator for , said firefighters responded to the three-story building at about 7:45 a.m. after the bird knocked down one of the building’s three outside power lines.

The resulting power surge caused a power strip to burn up inside the second-floor office of Dr. Ellen Mustovic, who practices medicine and rehabilitation.

Nanna said everyone inside safely left the building.

After power to the building was shut off, Jeff Kelly, executive director of , guided workers back into the offices so they could retrieve equipment and vaccinations that needed refrigeration.

Nanna said the building likely would remain closed for the remainder of the day while PennPower restores power and examines to the building to make sure no electrical circuits were damaged in the surge.

Other than the smoke odor, Nanna said there was little damage to the building besides some burnt carpet in Mustovic’s office.

Adams Area and Marshall firefighters also responded to the building. 


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