Nearby: Man Loses Finger During Family Feud at Ditka's

A man is charged with disorderly conduct and simple assault after a fight at the Robinson restaurant.

It started out as a family dinner at Ditka's steakhouse, and ended with a severed finger on the floor of the Robinson Plaza eatery. 

Robinson Police said a man's finger was bitten off during a family brawl Sept. 22 at the Robinson restaurant.

Tony Sellitti Jr., 48, of West Virginia, has been charged with simple assault, harassment and disorderly conduct in connection to the incident, according to police records. 

Police said Sellitti was at an elderly relative's birthday at the restaurant when he and his brother-in-law began arguing. 

Patrons at the restaurant said Sellitti stood up and attempted to hit the man in the face with a wine glass, but the glass shattered as the relative raised his fists to defend himself, according to police records. 

The two fell to the ground throwing punches. The fight poured from a private party room in the restaurant into the main dining area, which was filled with patrons, police said. 

Sellitti was on top during the scuffle, police said. At some point during the fight, his brother-in-law bit off his finger. 

After police arrived, they found the severed finger on the restaurant's dining room floor, describing the laceration as being "uneven and not clean cut," consistent with a bite injury. 

Sellitti's hand treated at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital. His brother-in-law, who was not charged with any wrongdoing, sustained injuries to his mouth and face, police said. 

Sellitti is scheduled to appear Oct. 9 for a preliminary hearing in Robinson District Court. 

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Stella Neely September 28, 2012 at 05:06 PM
I would be watching what I eat in that restaurant incase there are any fingers just laying around for consumption. Wonder if it was his middle finger!


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