Mother to Stand Trial on Charges of Stealing From Cranberry Kohl’s While Shopping with Daughter

Cranberry Police say the Beaver County woman was with her 13-year-old daughter when she stuffed a stolen bra and jewelery in her purse after a trip to the fitting rooms.

A Beaver County woman charged with stealing from the while accompanied by her 13-year-old daughter is heading to Butler County Court.

Sheila Soos, 44, of 7th Avenue, Beaver Falls, is scheduled to be formally arraigned Oct. 9 in the Butler County Court of Common Pleas. She waived an Aug. 31 preliminary hearing before

According to the criminal complaint filed by employees of the store saw Soos select multiple pieces of jewelry from a display stand, as well as four bras from a clothing rack, at about 5:30 p.m. Aug. 20.

Soos and her daughter then headed into the fitting rooms, according to the complaint. When Soos came out, she no longer had the merchandise with her, the complaint said.

Loss prevention officers from the store confronted Soos in the parking lot outside the store after she and the teen bypassed the checkout counters, the complaint said.

A search showed Soos had two pairs of earrings, two sets of necklaces and a bra in her purse, the complaint said. She also was wearing a stolen bra under her clothes and had two stolen rings on her fingers, the complaint said.

The total value of the merchandise was $153.74, according to police.

Employees also found empty hangers in the store’s dressing room. Tags from the jewelry were inside a fitting room garbage can, the complaint said. Although Soos’ daughter accompanied her into the dressing rooms, police said video surveillance showed she was not an active participant in the incident.

Soos is charged with theft, receiving stolen property, corruption of a minor and defiant trespass in the incident.

According to police, she has five prior convictions for retail theft. Soos also had been banned from Kohl’s department stores after arrests for shoplifting at the Kohl’s located in Center Township, Beaver County, the complaint said.


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