Man Charged with Firing Gun Outside North Park Lounge Says He Was Threatened First

No one was injured in the July incident. Domenico Lamberto told police he pulled the trigger as a warning after another man threatened to shoot him.

A Butler man said protecting a female friend’s honor eventually led him to fire a gun outside the North Park Lounge in Cranberry over the summer.

Domenico Lamberto, 32, of Sunset Drive, is charged with recklessly endangering another person and disorderly conduct while engaged in fighting in the July 22 incident.

According to court documents, Lamberto told Cranberry Police his friend, Christina Zarnick, was dancing with an unidentified man at Bamboo Bar near the 2 a.m. closing time when he saw the man pull up the back of Zarnick's dress. Bamboo Bar is separate bar behind the main North Park Lounge restaurant

Lamberto, who earlier told the man to make sure he respected Zarnick, told police he confronted the man. Bamboo Bar’s security then arrived in the area and told the other man to leave the bar.

After he and Zarnick left Bamboo and headed to the parking lot behind the building, Lamberto told police the other man threatened him with a knife, telling him he would cut his throat.

The man also told Lamberto he had a gun, although Lamberto did not see one, according to the criminal complaint filed by Cranberry Police. 

“Lamberto stated that the male continued to threaten to shoot him and this was when Lamberto retrieved his gun from the truck and fired a warning shot in the air,” the criminal complaint said.

Lamberto and Zarnick then got in Lamberto’s truck and drove from the lounge. A short time later, Jackson Township police pulled them over near Evans City Elementary School.

According to Cranberry police, the handgun, a 9mm hi-point semi-automatic, was found in the side pocket of the driver’s door.

After a search of the car, police also discovered a green and black bag belonging to Zarnick that contained numerous syringes and several burnt spoons, according to the criminal complaint. Zarnick, 28, of Butler, is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia in the incident.

After waiving their Oct. 12 preliminary hearings before D both Lamberto and Zarnick are scheduled to be formally arraigned Nov. 20 in the Butler County Court of Common Pleas.


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