Patch Poll: Are Beer Sales at Kennywood a Good Idea?

The amusement park is close to inking a deal for a beer garden.

Riders at Kennywood Park may soon be able to down some liquid courage before hopping on the amusement park’s more daring rides.

At a public hearing Wednesday, West Mifflin officials approved a liquor license transfer from a closed McKeesport restaurant to Kennywood, the Tribune Review reports.

If the Liquor Control Board approves the transfer, the family-friendly amusement park could begin selling beer in a designated “beer garden” by June.

According to the Trib’s report, Kennywood officials said they had a positive response from guests when beer was sold at the park during two weekends in September for Oktoberfest events. There also has been increasing requests over the years for beer sales at park.

What do you think? Is mixing beer with rides that spin you around and around a bad idea—or a good one? Do you think alcohol sales will fuel drunken mishaps at the park, or lead to DUI arrests? Or, do you think selling beer in a responsible way will enhance the experience for guests.

We want to hear from you. Answer our Patch Poll or leave your opinion in the comment section.

Maddie April 13, 2012 at 05:21 PM
The problem is the infrastructure in Pittsburgh. There's not enough reliable and convenient public transportation, just an endless stream of DUIs handed out that no one ever seems to learn from. I think a beer garden would be a lot of fun at Kennywood but you always have those idiots that ruin it for everyone by acting irresponsibly. Hey honey, let's get trashed then drive our kids home!


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