Letter to the Editor: Corbett's Liquor Privatization Plan Should Be Based on Principles, Not Special Interests

Amesh A. Adalja writes the governor's plan has the best chance at success by returning government to its "core function."

For Governor Corbett's plan to privatize the state's socialist liquor monopoly to have the best chance of success, it would have to actually be argued on fundmental principles and not tied to more Harrisburg pull-peddling.

By using such buzz words as "convenience" and, not by accident, excluding such words as "liberty" and "free enterprise," Governor Corbett will predictably be subject to a barrage of objections that could easily be answered if privatization was based on returning the government to its core function and not diluted with concessions to special interests (such as education).

Amesh A. Adalja MD, FACP



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