Election 2012: The Day After; Why Did Obama Win, Why Did Romney Lose? What's Next?

The analysts have had their say, now we want to know what you think?

So it's the day after the big election and judging from the comments posted on Patch, little has changed.

Supporters of the President still support the President. His opponents are disappointed Governor Romney was not elected. 

We want to know, what did Obama do right and what did Romney do wrong and most importantly what's next?

What can the President do to win over republicans?

What should Republicans do in the wake of losing back to back presidential elections?

Please share your comments in the box below, or why not try blogging? It's easy to do, just click here to get started  and have your voice heard!  

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Mary November 08, 2012 at 10:01 PM
Here's what happened.....Obama promised people that he was going to give them things. Romney said that we would have to make hard decisions and make cuts. The people who are getting stuff, don't want to give them up so they voted for Obama!


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