Where was my 6th Sense?

The Womack Family Band

with Special Guest & Friend of HITH

Jeff Wiley


Saturday 8th February 2014, 7:00pm

Bottlebrush: A Gallery for the Arts

539 Main Street “On the Square”

Harmony, PA 16037

$15 Admission

RSVP –Advanced Sales. BYOB bring snacks to share if you are so inclined.

Call (724) 452-0539 or email hith@zoominternet.net


            I like the movies. I go for the visceral experience. I don’t always remember the title, rarely remember the actors, but can usually remember a plot or some good lines, you know, like “…we…thought…you…was…a...toad” or “what we have here is a failure to communicate”. I can never Remember John Turturro’s name but I remember he was  Monk’s brother. Heck, I don’t remember the names of the street where I grew up. Actors to me are of little consequence, street names are on the signs, names are in phone books, I look for the scenery, the dialogue, the way the movie touches my life or my funny bone. But I have friends that are very academic about all this and very serious, why I believe that they even think the Academy Awards actually mean something.

            One night, about  14-15 years ago I was having dinner with friends in this really nice Thai restaurant in Bryn Mawr. They are movie people, the kind that actually know the actors names, and roles, and study this whole thing with seriousness. So I ask, “Bruce Willis, do you ever watch any of his films”, admitting that they are what they are, action films, popcorn for the senses, you know, no great hidden meanings. They admitted that they did watch him some but particularly liked him in 12 Monkeys. I suggested that the bias was that Terry Gilliam was one of their favorite off-beat directors, a good off-beat film, but even there Bruce just did Bruce…breathing action figure. I then asked if they’d ever seen the 6th Sense and suggested that Bruce was more than a claymation action figure; that whoever directed him actually got some depth and range out of him that was unique and engaging. I also suggested that they watch the film and let me know what they thought.

             As we began our dinner, a young, middle-eastern couple next to us was finishing up. The young man came over, left hand on my right shoulder and l leaned into the table. He said, “listen to your friend, go see the 6th Sense, I believe you will like it very much”. As they stood at the register, paying their bill, the young woman, right hand on ly left shoulder, leaned in and said, “you have to understand my companion’s enthusiasm, he is the director of the 6th Sense and very biased”.

             She walked away, they left and we all went…wow, didn’t see that coming, but we were certainly glad that our discussion was flattering and not dismissive. A good life lesson, you never know who is sitting next to you, so be kind, but not dishonest; the world is filled with dedicated people whose feelings ask not to be wounded.

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