What Happens If We Fail to Raise Enough Money to Build the New Cranberry Kids Castle Playground?

What happens to the new Cranberry Kids Castle Playground if we don't raise $250,000?

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone health and happiness in 2013.

Now that my kids are back in school (thank goodness), I have had a few moments to address some of the questions and concerns that arose from the last blog. 

The biggest question that I did not have an answer to was: If we don’t raise $250,000 by May 1, do we not have ANY playground at ALL at Cranberry Park?

Here is what Bruce Mazzoni told me:

We have money from The Cranberry CUP and CTCC, almost $250,000, so that will give us a good start and we WILL end up a playground at Cranberry Park in the fall of 2013. 

Whatever money and in-kind donations (goods and services donated from local businesses) we have by May 1 will determine the final scope of the playground. 

If we are short on fundraising efforts, we will simply lay the foundations for some of the more expensive equipment and add to it in the future when funds are available.

Eek, that really is not a great option for all the moms and dads who rely on that park as a way to entertain our kids and save our sanity !

Bruce broke down the fundraising into some simple terms.

If every family in Cranberry donates $25, we have met our goal. Seems reasonable, right? 

Perhaps, but we will need YOUR help. 

We have lots of young people in Cranberry, which is a great thing, but they may not have children, or be planning for kids, anytime soon. Although $25 seems like a small amount of money, for someone who does not believe in the cause, it is too much. Likewise, if we can find 1,000 families to donate $250 each, we are all set!

Will you be one of those families?

However, if those young people stay in Cranberry for 20 years and have a family (which they likely will) this playground we are building now will be there for them when they need it!

Also, those couples with teenagers or college-aged kids who are reluctant to donate probably aren’t thinking 10 years down the road when their kids are in their late 20s and having children of their own. 

A whole new set of grandparents will be created and suddenly the playground will be applicable for them again. I can’t think of anyone who probably won’t want or need to use this new playground in its 20-plus year life.

If every family who enjoyed, or currently enjoys, Playtime Palace makes a donation, we will surely meet our goal and be able to build 100 percent of the fabulous playground we have planned!

Here are some other answers to questions that came up:

  • Why is Playtime Palace closing at the end of April?

Because that is when we will start the grading and excavation work for the utilities for the new playground. There will be a new bathroom added and electrical utilities will be run and expanded to other areas of the park. In addition, the wood from Playtime Palace needs to be removed, cut and cleaned so that it is ready for use in the new playground. Furthermore, the space needs to be safe as there will be heavy equipment working in that area.

  • Why is it taking so long to build the new playground?

As required by law, Cranberry needs environmental permits before they can begin excavations. This requires preparing surveys and excavation drawings, which currently are being done. Once we have the permits, which are expected for late April, it will take 20 weeks of time to excavate the land and to build the playground and the new bathroom.

The excavation and utilities run are extensive and time consuming. This section of the park has never before been graded and it was limited in how it could be used and enjoyed. The new playground creates an opportunity to improve and enjoy these other areas.

We are looking for Playground Ambassadors (PFC) to help recruit volunteers and raise awareness of the needs of the playground for your street or neighborhood.  Please go to www.CTCChest.org for more information. 

I will have more details on becoming an Ambassador in my next blog

Please feel free to post comments, concerns or questions. Have a great week….

Erin McClymonds


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Walt January 07, 2013 at 01:50 PM
Why isn't anyone asking why it costs so much to build a PLAYGROUND???


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