Luxury “5th Avenue Fido” in the Works for Cranberry

The boarding house also will provide a doggie daycare and training lessons

Linda Beard and Janet Best have always treated their dogs like family, which is why they wanted to open a dog care facility that does the same.

“They live in a nice home all the time,” Beard said of her own pooches. “So when we go away, I wouldn’t want to put them somewhere that would be stressful to them or a lot different to them than a home environment.”

On Monday, Cranberry’s Planning Advisory Commission approved co-owner Beard and Best’s plans for 5th Avenue Fido, a luxury indoor kennel and doggie day care facility that will be located along Route 19 at the vacant Northgate Honda building.

The plans will next go before the Cranberry Board of Supervisors later this month for final approval.

Beard, a Cranberry resident, said 5th Avenue Fido would not be a traditional dog kennel. There will be no chain link runs, no cages and no concrete blocks at the facility, she said.

“The dogs will not be locked in their rooms or kennels for most of the day,” she said.

Instead, the pups will be interacting with each other in supervised play areas. Beard said the areas would be separated depending on the dogs’ size and temperament.

The facility is an indoor kennel, she added. The only time the dogs would head to a fenced-in outside area would be for supervised potty breaks. When they’re not playing, the dogs sleep in individual hotel-like rooms with painted walls and a bed.

“It’s just a fun place for dogs,” she said.

Beard, who is a longtime dog trainer, said 5th Avenue Fido also would offer dog training, including puppy, basic and socialization classes. Dog owners also may drop off their pups before they head to work at the facility’s doggie day care.

Beard noted the kennel is located on a commercial section of busy Route 19 (behind the Huntington Learning Center and Firestone tire) and not close to any residential neighbors who might be concerned about noise from the dogs.

Even so, Beard said she and Best plan to install acoustic ceilings and rubber floors to keep the sound level at a minimum. The employees also will immediately clean up after the canines when they take their bathroom breaks, she said.

“I don’t think it will be an imposition on any of the businesses around there,” she said.

The owners said they hope to open 5th Avenue Fido’s doors by September. 

sue hoffmann August 25, 2012 at 12:18 PM
Would like to know as soon as they activate their website. I will be in need of this type of kennel soon.


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