Sweet! Cranberry’s Nick Marzock Sings in National Nestle Drumstick Commercial

The online ad thanks fans for liking Nestle on Facebook.

Sweet news!

Cranberry’s Nick Marzock already is local celebrity, but on Monday he gained a worldwide audience thanks to commercial airing on Nestle Drumstick’s Facebook page.

After auditioning for the spot over the summer, Marzock was chosen by producers and casting agents to sing a ditty thanking Nestle fans for “liking” the Drumsticks Facebook page.

The commercial was released online Monday after Drumsticks hit the milestone of one million Facebook fans.

“It was a tremendous opportunity to work on the set with such a great production team and reputable client,” Marzock said. “I have always loved Drumsticks and I am honored to have done this project with them!”

In the commercial, Marzock plays a ukulele while calling out the names of users who’ve liked Drumsticks on Facebook. The song is called The Drumstick Ode to One Million Fans.

The video was filmed around a swimming pool at a location in the North Hills, according to Cindy Marzock, Marzock’s mother and manager. The director came from Chicago and Nestle came in from California for the video shoot, she said.

A 22-year old singer/songwriter who recently graduated from Duquesne University, Marzock performs regularly throughout the Pittsburgh area, including at the Hard Rock Cafe in Station Square.

To watch Marzock sing in the Nestle commercial, click the video at the top of this article.


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