Casting Alert! Extras Needed for Matt Damon Movie

"Promised Land," directed by Gus Van Sant and starring Matt Damon and John Krasinski is searching for paid extras.

Casting reps for Promised Land, a feature film starring Matt Damon and John Krasinski, are looking for extras to participate in bar and town hall scenes.

Extras who are available for filming are asked to submit casual photos (no modeling shots) via email. A director will ultimately choose the faces, according to an announcement posted on the film's casting page on Facebook.

Bar scene extras should be available to work four days in a row on May 15-18.  The town hall scene will take place over five days on May 21-25.

Applicants can send a picture that includes the following stats: Height, weight, clothing sizes, age and telephone to promisedlandextras@gmail.com. Put “Bar” in the subject line or "Town Hall" depending on which you prefer to work.

"Promised Land," directed by Gus Van Sant, began filming this week in the Pittsburgh area.

For more information on casting opportunities, visit the "Promised Land" extras Facebook page or the Pittsburgh Film Office website.

Christella Urago May 27, 2012 at 06:50 PM
"Promised Land" sounds good, but I wish to suggest a film for Matt to do. You may remember the Boston Blackie films of the '40s with Chester Morris as Blackie. Turner Classic Movies is airing them on Saturdays. (Other actors also portrayed Blackie in silent films and earlier talkies.) I know this is an unorthodox way to suggest this, but I know no movie producers nor of any more direct way to convey the message that Matt would be a match for this role, as he was marvelous in "The Talented Mr. Ripley," which also concerrned an extremely complicated fellow. Blackie's creator, Jack Boyle, says of him, "To the police and the world, he is a professional crook, a skilled and daring safecracker, an incorrigible criminal made doubly dangerous by intellect. But to me, 'Blackie' is something more-- a man with more than a spark of the Divine Spirit that lies hidden somewhere in the heart of even the worst of men." This spark of the divine enlivens Matt's films perhaps unknowingly, as in "I Bought a Zoo," and can be seen if he were to enliven Boston Blackie. Sincerely, Chris Urago Las Vegas (702) 362-5825


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