Patch Poll Results: Give Shopping a Holiday Break

We took a show of hands: Who thinks stores should be open for the holiday? The 'No' votes won in a landslide.

For many chain stores, Thanksgiving Day provided only a brief pause from the daily routine. By late afternoon Thursday, "big-box" retailers and some specialty chain stores were saying adios to the holiday and opening their doors.

Did you see the mad rush on the news? Shoppers who had been waiting in line all day burst through the open doors like young parents pushing strollers through the opening gates at Disney World. 

Sounds like they wanted to nab big-screen TVs, which were being sold 10-for-a-penny or something like that. Although the Black Friday rush in Western Pennsylvania appeared to be orderly for the most part, that was not the case everywhere. In other states, a woman used pepper spray on a competing shopper, and a police officer used a Taser to subdue an overly zealous shopper.

There's no question there were bargains for those willing to go after them. But our readers didn't think the good prices were worth forfeiting the holiday down time. A nearly unanimous 97 percent cast votes saying the stores should just give it a break for the day. 

The other 3 percent voted for shopping. We are guessing they might be the lucky ones who got the big TVs. 


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