Not Ready for Fall Fashions? Snag a Summer Deal Instead

With more hot weather on the way, who wants to buy heavy sweaters? Local retailers say now is the time to find great bargains on summer items

No doubt about it, July was ! And, as we move into August, the weather remains warm. OK, it's downright muggy. Still, when you go into the stores, all one sees are fall clothes.

Are you ready to buy cold-weather apparel? Based on a “shout out” we posted on the Cranberry Patch Facebook page at the height of the hot temperatures, many readers responded they don’t even want to look at fall clothes yet. Hey, we don’t blame you, it is still close to 90 degrees out there.

The good news is you don’t have to.

There are still plenty of summer togs on the racks -- and at a discounted price. According to a few local retailers, now is the time to snatch up some great buys.

Kelly Nolan, manager of in Pine Township, said the small boutique isn't even carrying fall clothes yet.

“We don’t have room for clothes that will just sit here," she said. "Let’s face it, who wants to buy a heavy sweater right now?”

Nolan said the store has a nice selection of shorts, T-shirts, dresses, shoes and flip-flops in stock. A blow-out sale will be held later this month, she said.

“A lot of our regular customers know that we have great sales and are looking forward to picking up any pieces they still need,” she said.

Nolan noted there are still two months of hot weather ahead -- which means plenty of time to flaunt those lighter clothes.

It's also a good time to pick up what Nolan calls transition pieces into the cooler weather.

“There are little jackets that are great to cover up on cooler summer nights or early fall days, three-quarter length sleeves on T’s, and scarves,” she said.

While fall clothes will be moving into Couture D'jour in about a month, Nolan said the boutique will continue to carry summer items in a small display for the folks who travel to warmer climates during the chillier weather.

“Last week, we had a woman in who was going to Argentina for vacation," she said. "It is winter there and she was looking for warmer clothes. We always have some selection of off-season clothes.”

Amy Ancimarino, store manager at in Cranberry, said the store also has a wide selection of summer clothes. Many of the items already are at greatly-reduced prices, she said.

“Some things are 75 percent off the original price, so it is a great time to add to your summer wardrobe,” she said.

Ancimarino said the store has a wide selection of shorts, dresses, tanks, T-shirts, and shoes for women.

“We don’t have as many things for men, but there are still a lot of things for them,” she said as she ticked off the names of four brands of men’s swimwear still on the racks.

“It is a great time to buy back-to-school jeans because we have some for 75 percent off,” she said.

Like Couture D'jour, The Plant Pulse will soon have a selection of fall clothing at the store, she said.

Cranberry resident Sharon Panaia was one of the readers who answered our Cranberry Patch Facebook post.

“Sundresses and bathing suits only,” was her response to our inquiry.

Nicknamed “Vegas” by coworkers for her flashy-style, Panaia joked she wears her bathing suit “all the time, under everything” in the summer months.

“I’m always prepared just in case I have the chance to swim or get some sun,” she said.

Even though she loves finding fashions at a discount, Panaia, said it's still too early in the summer for her to contemplate fall clothes.

“I look forward to this time of year with the deep discounts,” she said, “It’s a great way to buy bargains for next year too.”

Panaia said she would continue to buy summer clothes until they are no longer on the racks.

Once fall does roll around, this frugal fashionista said she'll be ready to find more bargains.

But in the meantime?

“I’m not ready for fall," she said. "For me, personally, I don’t want to think about summer ending.”


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