Food Fight: Who Serves P-R's Best Appetizers?

It's time for our next Food Fight. Let's call this one a Canape Competition.

We try to be all dainty and bird-like when dining out at a restaurant, but the truth is we really want an appetizer. Sometimes those little bites go down so easily, it's like they don't count at all.

You'll notice we are trying to avoid having to write hors d'ouevroueues because that's the one word we really never learned to spell. But we do know how to pronounce it: horse devours. Oh, and nachos grande en espanol.

Do you have a favorite starter at a local eatery? A really delicious amuse-bouche that you would like to nominate?

Now's the time. Think about it and then write in with your nominee. In a few days we'll be back to start the voting.


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